Dugopolje, Croatia

The City of Dugopolje, with a population of around 4,000, is 15km away from Split, which has 190,000 inhabitants. The metropolitan area of Split has a population of 300,000. For the demonstration, we will focus on the cities of Split, Klis (2,500 inhabitants), Solin (23,000 inhabitants) and Dugopolje (3,500 inhabitants). This living lab area sums up to a total population of 219,000.

For the pilot, the target users are employees and students, who make up 70% of commuters travelling to and from the four aforementioned places. The relevant bus lines for the pilot are the suburban bus lines. The pilot will test the “CONNECT” feature in this network to allow commuters to connect while waiting at bus stops, with the aim of increasing the feeling of security. The pilot will target 0.2% of the total population, or around 300 people, and will last between one and three days, during different testing times (e.g. evenings, daytime, rush hour). Questionnaires that evaluate public transport feeling of security and app features will be conducted.